Hello, I'm Captain Joe Mendez, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed full time professional fishing guide in Corpus Christi, Rockport and Port Aransas Texas. I have been guiding in Corpus Christi for 28 years. I’m experienced and knowledgeable in fishing the beautiful waters of Baffin Bay, Land Cut and the Laguna Madre.  I specialize in catching trophy trout and redfish. When you’re fishing the flats in Corpus Christi you have a chance of a Grand Slam. A Grand Slam is catching redfish, trout and flounder all in the same day. In Corpus Christi we are surrounded by miles and miles of pristine crystal clear water. You will find beautiful wildlife, big trout and schools of tailing redfish willing to take a well placed lure.  Fishing the shallow saltwater flats of the Laguna Madre is truly a experience you will remember for years to come.  The thrill of casting into a big school of giant tailing redfish is second to none. Come spend a day fishing the shallow flats of the Laguna Madre and you will be hooked for life.

The weather in Corpus Christi is great year round, great Spring, Summer and Fall with mild Winters.  Corpus Christi is a great place to get away and do some saltwater flats fishing. The close proximity from Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio makes it easy to get to Corpus Christi from all over South Texas. For those flying into the Corpus Christi International Airport you will have a pleasant and relaxing experience.  All you need for a great day of fishing on the Laguna Madre is to contact me Captain Joe Mendez.

Fishing Guides in Corpus Christi TX

$600.00 for one or two persons - $700.00 for three persons - $800.00 for four persons

A $200.00 deposit per day is required to hold the date, deposit is refundable with two weeks notice.

Secure transactions through Wells Fargo Bank.  There is a 5% processing fee on all credit cards.

Rods, reels, tackle, bait, ice and fish cleaning are included, just bring your food and drinks.

Call / Text 361-877-1230


Call / Text: 361-877-1230



March Fishing Report For Baffin Bay

March is a good month for targeting big trout and redfish in the shallow waters of the upper Laguna Madre. In the clear water of the Laguna Madre sight casting becomes more of an option.  Catching redfish and trout on the fly is also more of a realistic plan on good days.  On the days with light to medium winds it’s possible to see redfish and trout milling around in water less than knee deep on some of the flats and shorelines between the Causeway and Baffin Bay.  Watching trout and redfish strike in such places is about as much fun as fishing can get in Baffin Bay.  The water isn’t quite as clear most of the time, so fishing more conventional methods works better for the most part.  Historically, some giant trout mix with slot and over size redfish on muddy grass flats in parts of Baffin this time of year.  Locating them often means keying on signs of nervous bait fish.